Mar 292013

It’s 12:47 am. I’m currently sitting in a quiet hotel room loading CDs into iTunes to transfer onto my iPod. In approximately 7 hours I will be on a plane headed to JFK in New York, where I will transfer to a plane that will take me straight into Tokyo. My trip to Japan has begun. I will be spending about 2 weeks touring about with my good friends Rachel and Evan. We’ll be starting in Osaka and traveling through Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kawasaki, playing tourist all the way.

I decided I wanted to blog this trip for all my friends and family back home, my future self, and for anyone else who may have stumbled upon my website. If I can keep up with it during this whirlwind adventure, I hope to share pictures and words each night before I bed down. I hope you all enjoy seeing Japan through my eyes!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. I just got your voicemail and I was jumping up and down in the hallway like a kid. I am so excited! Yayayyyyy! I hope your flight is going well, and that your next one is even better!

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